HIS is a module that integrates with Odoo to offer a complete hospital management solution. Designed to optimize internal processes and improve efficiency in information management, HMS provides a centralized platform to manage critical data related to hospitals, departments, patients, nurses and doctors..

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Service Features​

Department Management

It facilitates the organization and administration of different departments within the hospital, optimizing the allocation of resources and improving communication between areas. 

Patient Registration and Monitoring

It allows you to maintain a detailed record of patient information, including medical histories, scheduled appointments, treatments and follow-ups, facilitating personalized and efficient care. 

Comprehensive Hospital Management

HMS offers a panoramic view of the hospital structure, allowing you to effectively manage resources, assign personnel and monitor the general operation of the medical center.

Management of Medical and Nursing Personnel

HMS simplifies the management of medical and nursing staff, allowing you to assign tasks, manage schedules and maintain an updated record of staff availability. 

Funtional Features

Intuitive Interface

Designed to be easy to use and accessible to all users, HMS offers an intuitive interface that makes it easy to navigate and access relevant information.


It adapts to the specific needs of each hospital, allowing fields, forms and workflows to be customized to meet the particular requirements of each institution. 

Security and Privacy

It guarantees the security and privacy of patient data through robust security mechanisms and controlled access to sensitive information.

HIS Modules

With HMS, hospitals can optimize their operations, improve the quality of healthcare, and provide more efficient and personalized service to their patients.